LumiFold is a foldable 3D printer that fits in your backpack

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3D printers are cumbersome, breakable things. But not LumiFold, a 3D printer seeking funding on IndieGoGo. The printer folds up into a calculator-shaped stick that includes a carrying handle. It’s available for $390 and is scheduled to be delivered in December. While LumiFold’s creators, who are based in Venice, Italy, have already reached their funding goal, they set it extremely low. They’ve raised about $3,300 to date, which isn’t exactly impressive. I guess most people weren’t impressed by LumiFold’s max print size of 90 x 90 x 90 millimeters.

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Does the projector that is needed for the actual printing also fit in your backpack ?
How about the giant tripod or rig that is needed to overhang it ?
And no, pocket sized or mini projectors won’t work. Not enough UV output.

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