HTC One Max tipped for October 15 release to combat Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3


Credit: ePrice

The anticipated HTC One Max may launch on October 15, according to Phone Arena. The enthusiast site caught the date through a Chinese forum as the handset has reportedly been approved for network use by the China regulatory group that tests mobile device hardware.

HTC hasn’t officially introduced the phone but the mid-October timing sounds right if HTC wants to compete against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, which becomes available in early October. Unlike the Note 3, however, the HTC One Max isn’t expected to use a digital pen, nor the type of productivity software that benefits from a stylus.

Instead, the HTC One Max looks to be a large handset for those wanting both a phone and tablet experience in a single device. The handset will reportedly use a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon(s qcom) 800 chip with 2 GB of memory and unlike the current HTC phones, will have a microSD memory card slot. The 5.9-inch display will use a full HD touchscreen and the device battery will have 3300 mAh power capacity.

HTC needs a big hit now, perhaps more than ever. Sales of the HTC One haven’t boosted the company’s fortunes of late and HTC just sold back its stake in Beats Audio to recoup $265 million in funds. Getting the One Max on the market sooner rather than later could help blunt any momentum Samsung builds with its Galaxy Note 3.



The only reasons, I had to switch to Samsung, though I prefer HTC design better.
1. Removable SD card – finally they got it right
2. Removable battery – yet to be addressed

nothing else matters HTC, just launch the One with these features and an unlocked bootloader to get it going. Samsung has been strong-arming its customers with a locked bootloader on S4. Get the advanced users on your side and everyone else will follow.


I went for the htc. The Samsung phones I’ve had in the past have been the only phones oven had that have broken down (stylus, water susceptibility). Having an sd card is good bin theory, but m s4 wouldn’t recognise my sd 64gb card (which worked in other phones) and wouldn’t work consistently with encrypted 32gb. Also battery on the s4 was terrible with exchange based email. So I sold it and got an htc one. I do miss the expandable storage but I can live with 32gb for this phone which has better sound quality, sharper screen and feels a lot better to hold. Don’t get me wrong in did like the s4 (apart from audio quality, though I do like decent audio). I had no problem with the plastic shell and whilst the s4 camera doesn’t compare to the htc for low light photos, it’s pretty good outdoors. I would have been tempted by the note 3, but having had so many problems with the note 2 stylus I’m a bit dubious. However, the mean reason I’ll get the max overview note 3 is audio and not liking the note plasticky faux leather (had the chance to hold it, it does feel very tacky and at the price that Samsung is charging I expect more).

Frank A NYC

HTC does offer an unlocked bootloader, you have to buy a developer edition for $649. You do get 64GB however. I doubt the carriers will let a company sell a phone with an uncloked bootloader through them.

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