SpaceX alum joins effort to make the hyperloop a reality

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Crowdsourcing website JumpStartFund announced last month that it was creating a platform for the public to contribute ideas and plans for the hyperloop, an ultra-high speed transit system proposed by Elon Musk. After a month of planning, JumpStartFund will now spin the project into a company. It announced today that former SpaceX director of operations Marco Villa and former American Society of Civil Engineers president Patricia Galloway will lead the project. JumpStartFund contributors can volunteer to work full time on the project in exchange for equity.

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Tony Alvarado

The Hyperloop looks to be an exciting option for fast distance travel, but similar to current public transportation options like San Jose’s light rail system or Caltrain commuter train system, it relies on the public to travel to and from specific destinations. If one were to use our BiModal Glideway system you’d be able to travel from door to door without relying on changing trains, busses or leaving your car in a lot during the day where it could be vandalized.

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