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Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 update to fix Lock screen security issue

Apple(s aapl) just pushed out a minor update to fix a major flaw. In Apple’s own words, iOS 7.0.2 “Fixes bugs that could allow someone to bypass the Lock screen passcode.” Better get to downloading.

iOS 7.0.2

Previously, if you were running your camera app and had Control Center activated on your Lock screen, it was possible for anyone else to unlock your phone through a relatively simple series of steps. I’ve already downloaded and installed the update and attempted to bypass my phone’s Lock screen to no avail.

The update is available over the air, though you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. It’s only between 17-20MB, so it should only take about a minute to make your new operating system a lot more secure.

26 Responses to “Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 update to fix Lock screen security issue”

  1. I have just downloaded 7.0.2 and when I open safari, it goes into portrait only and is locked in this position with button at bottom similar when I open other apps. Any ideas?

  2. No flashlight and no screen block vertical or horizontal in the controlcentre anymore!!!
    Thank you ios 7.0.2!
    Wish to return to 7.0.0 or even better to 6 !,

    IPhone apps don’t work correctly in 7 !,

  3. Divya Sinha

    while downloading the iOS 7.0.2 problem occurs that it is not showing anything on the screen just showing a USB plug and showing connect USBplug to iTunes after this it is not showing anything….????? plz help

  4. Hey guys I have worked out if you have a bug where you can’t play your music on your lock screen this is way you do you turn the phone off for about 10 to 20 seconds and it works again it did to me so hope it helps guys pass this advice on please

    Sincerely Aidan fox

  5. Despite small size both iPhone and iPad mini took almost 25 minutes each to download verify the download install and verify installation. Almost 12 minutes just for each download . Done via high speed cable and computer connected to Ethernet.

  6. I tried update 7.02 but froze all day ive got iTunes logo and a arrow picture of plug charger I’m currently on pc trying to fix it through iTunes has anyone else fixed there this way

  7. Do NOT install 7.02, you will not be able to control music on locked screen, pause, next or previous song buttons are not working … Neither through Control Center nor on screen while music is on.

  8. I would like to know when apple are going to sort out the problem with the juice packs, that will not work on IOS7 ,i even got no joy from the apple shop ,why do they do this to their customers ,don’t we spend enough money on there products.garry

  9. “Does it fix the Music App bug where you can’t play podcasts?”

    Consider this:

    FACT: Apple makes nothing when you listen to podcasts. It makes quite a bit when you listen to music bought from them. Note also its hefty 30% tax on in-app purchases from others. That makes it harder for you to get your music from anyone else.

    CONCLUSION: Apple wants to make it easy and simple to listen to their music but hard to listen to podcasts by others. That’s why podcasts have been relegated to a separate app, one that many people find inadequate.

    I’d add that there seems to be a rather 70’s “California dreaming” flavor to Apple’s culture. Podcasts and books deal with ideas. They matter little. That California culture is all about the self and its feeling as communicated via music. Think of all their “i” products and the ads that show almost exclusively young adults at play. No one works. No one ponders the deeper meaning of life. The causes that are taken up are little more than whims or fads like Project Red. The answer to everything that ails you is to dance to music on an iPod or take pictures with your iPhone. In short, it’s a world where Al Gore qualifies as a deep thinker.

    For a literary parallel, think of the distant future as portrayed by H. G. Wells The Time Machine. Apple’s culture sees our future as much like that of the Eloi, even down to Steve Jobs’ obsession with a fruit diet. Here’s what Wikipedia says of them:

    “… the Time Traveller tests his device with a journey that takes him to 802,701 A.D., where he meets the Eloi, a society of small, elegant, childlike adults. They live in small communities within large and futuristic yet slowly deteriorating buildings, doing no work and having a frugivorous diet. His efforts to communicate with them are hampered by their lack of curiosity or discipline, and he speculates that they are a peaceful communist society, the result of humanity conquering nature with technology, and subsequently evolving to adapt to an environment in which strength and intellect are no longer advantageous to survival.”

    Clearly, the Eloi have no need for podcasts nor do we in Apple’s vision of the future. So start listing to music and quit whining about podcasts. What do you want to do, grow a brain or something?

    –Michael W. Perry, editor of Eugenics and Other Evils by G. K. Chesterton

    • That’s a bit harsh, considering that iBooks, Kindle, and a whole bunch of other sources of literature are readily available on your phone. Heck, you can even put things on it in lots of ways. Let’s all get busy reading!