The Chrome Show: Watch Google Chrome take over Windows, and the plug-in purge

So what does the future of Chrome(s goog) look like on Windows(s msft)? Just like a Chromebook based on a video demonstrating the latest dev channel of Chrome for Windows. Oh, and that future doesn’t leave room for web plug-ins; hear why Google is purging them at the beginning of 2014. And our extension of the week can help you better understand what websites are gathering your personal data.

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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Today’s show is brought to you in part by Mobile Day

Chrome 31 brings Chrome OS to Windows. You have to see it to believe it.

That HP Chromebook 14 launches on November 3: 9.5 hours of battery life!

The purge of browser plug-ins begins on January 1, 2014

It’s going to get easier which to see which Chrome tab is playing sound

Chris got an Android phone, what should he do?

Chrome Apps for Mobile teased, but this isn’t new: Google demonstrated Cordova at I/O.

Apple(s aapl) brings iCloud bookmark syncing from iOS for Chrome and Firefox to Windows PCs

Extension / app of the week: Collusion for Chrome