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VMware’s mobile expert leaves to start a mobile enterprise company

Srinivas Krishnamurti, the former head of VMware’s mobile effort, including its Horizon suite of products that were designed to make mobile file sharing and collaboration easier, has left VMware to try his hand at a yet-to-be-disclosed enterprise mobile startup. Sure, he’s just one of many leaving VMware as it flounders, but I can’t wait to see what Krishnamurti is cooking up.

2 Responses to “VMware’s mobile expert leaves to start a mobile enterprise company”

  1. Maybe mobile and SDDC are so unrelated that he was in effect working on an ultra-low priority footnote? Pat is laser focused on SDDC. Ignoring/defunding non-core efforts standard operating procedure. Especially for those that struggle with the message in “The Innovators Dilema”. Why work on anything other than a companies top priority projects?

  2. I’ve worked at VMware for a number of years. There has been a significant amount of attrition. However, many of the people who left, including Srinivas, stayed at the company for much longer than the average in Silicon Valley. It’s actually pretty impressive.

    Now, there is simply too much VC money flowing in these days to keep people around for significant periods of time. I say too much, because, while Srinivas might be worth a shot for some VC, I’m starting to see people leave VMware to found so called stealth mode start-ups that haven’t shown me the talent or drive to succeed. I don’t blame them though, why not create a company that VMware might buy and get some of the upside rather than working on the same project in house.