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Report: Nest will make a smoke detector

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After rethinking the thermostat, connected home goods company Nest will be tackling another essential home appliance: the smoke detector. Former Wall Street Journal technology reporter Jessica Lessin broke the news today on her website, and speculated that it could be part of a subscription service for the company.

AllThingsD also released a report on Nest’s latest adventure, adding that the product will be called “Protect.” There aren’t very many details about the utility of the product — and, for its part, Nest is remaining mum on the topic — but Lessin indicated that it likely will communicate with the Nest thermostat to gain a better understanding of temperature distribution. And, just maybe, there’s hope that it’ll have an easy-off feature in case of a false alarm.

The Nest’s learning thermostat has become a totem for the entire connected home movement, introducing users to smart appliances with its self-contained system. Nest CEO Tony Fadell will be speaking about the company’s commitment to connectedness at Roadmap 2013 in November, along with executives from GE, Adobe and Honeywell.


7 Responses to “Report: Nest will make a smoke detector”

  1. Vera Comment

    .,..the case for a smart thermostat is clear.

    not so much for a smoke detector. I don’t want this thing trying to guess if there’s actually a fire (vs. burnt food)..

    If I accidentally set my toast on fire and trip the alarm… I’ll clear it myself. I certainly don’t need it to call the fire department on my behalf.

  2. Very interested, but I can’t imagine them offering any features valuable enough to make me sign-up for a subscription service. If they are going to do that, they need to get into the home alarm business, as people are already used to paying for monitoring of that.