Discover the internet of things at Mobilize


The internet of things is a broad term that refers to a wide variety of connected devices and platforms. And all of those connections will produce a jaw-dropping amount of data.

Join the industry’s top mobile executives at Mobilize on Oct. 16 and 17 as they explain why that data will be so valuable — and what must be done to make sure it’s protected. We’ll discuss:

A day in the life of the connected consumer
The IoT will change the way we live every day in some important and fundamental ways. Dr. Leslie Saxon of USC’s Keck School of Medicine will tell us how tech will help keep us healthy, and Citi’s Melissa Stevens will share how mobile will keep track of our finances.

Of course, highly sensitive mobile data will require airtight security. Adrian Turner of Mocana and SINET’s Robert Rodriguez will examine the government’s role in ensuring security when the whole world is hackable.

Analytics: monetizing the mobile web
Troves of mobile data will increasingly enable marketers to deliver targeted ads to the right consumers at the optimal time and place. But how can advertisers gather that information and leverage it effectively without being intrusive? Michael Neidhoefer of Netbiscuits will explain how analytics can help to understand mobile users and deliver the most lucrative ads possible, and Kaivan Karimi of Freescale Conductor will examine mobile advertising in an age when your device knows what you’re thinking before you do.

See the full speaker list here, and register for Mobilize today.

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