Apple resumes software update for AppleTV after pulling it last week


Apple has resumed its AppleTV update on Tuesday, says 9to5Mac, after it pulled the software over the weekend amid reports of problems. Whatever the issue was appears to be fixed and version 6.0 of the software is now flowing to devices. The update includes support for iTunes Music, AirPlay from the cloud and more.

I was one of those that unsuccessfully tried to update an AppleTV(s aapl) over the weekend. Why did I jump on the software right away? iTunes Music was the key reason for me: I find the service to be quite good, even compared to Google Play Music All Access(s goog), which I won’t be subscribing to any longer.



I will give them credit for being persistent long after a half a dozen better solutions make them obsolete.


I attempted the update last week, ended up having to plug my Apple TV into iTunes

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