Apple removes iPhone 5s in-store pickup option


Just two days ago my colleague Kevin Tofel was told that Apple was planning to introduce an in-store pickup option for the iPhone 5s. That plan went live yesterday, but on Tuesday, 9to5Mac saw that it is no longer being offered.

iPhone 5s pickup

I checked it out myself. No matter which color, carrier or capacity of iPhone 5s you wish the purchase, the same message appears under the pickup option: “Not Eligible. In store purchase only.”

It is unclear whether this option is gone for good, or just temporarily while supplies are low. Apple on Monday announced that it sold a total of 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets during the first weekend of availability, nearly doubling opening weekend sales for last year’s iPhone 5. It simply might not have the supplies to support an in-store pickup program at the moment. But why introduce it for less than 24 hours?

Apple’s site shows that new iPhone 5s orders aren’t shipping until October across the board, and supplies in stores are likely still scarce. The iPhone 5c, by comparison, ships within 24 hours and is available for in-store pickup. If you’re looking to get a new iPhone and you can’t find one in the Apple store, here’s a good list of places you might have a little more luck.


George Puckett

The reason is simple. The iPhone 5s is siphoning off profits that would have been made with the more expensive iPhones. The same thing happened with the 8 inch iPad versus the 10.1. I don’t think that Steve Jobs would have allowed either of these products to go to market.


Your comment makes no sense or you ment to say 5C. From what I have read the 5S is outselling the 5C 3.5:1.

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