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Instapaper creator developing new podcasting app

For the last few months, Instapaper creator Marco Arment has laid low. After selling his smash iOS app Instapaper to Betaworks in April and tablet publication The Magazine to the rest of its staff in May, Arment has remained secretive about his next big project. He gave a glimpse of his hard work yesterday at Portland’s XOXO festival, where Engadget reports that he revealed his latest app, Overcast. Aimed squarely at Apple’s current podcasting tech, Overcast is halfway completed and could be out sometime later this year.

4 Responses to “Instapaper creator developing new podcasting app”

  1. I share Marco’s frustration with the existing podcast apps. Most make managing podcasts a nuisance because most want users to manage those podcasts inside the app.

    No thanks! I listen to dozens of podcasts each week. I like variety: a long one then a short one, serious then light, and technology followed by history. Some, such as Classic Tales, I like so much they go to the head of the queue. Others I delete when I get behind.

    There’s no way I can create a smart playlist to do that and I don’t want to be dragging and dropping on a tiny iPhone touch screen. I want to use iTunes on my dragging individual episodes inside iTunes playlist in the order I want. Very simple but powerful.

    I don’t care how that podcast app syncs with my Mac: USB, iCloud, Dropbox or whatever. I just want to manage podcasts on my Mac and listen to them on my iPhone.

    Oh, that and 1.25X speed. Does anyone get what is being said listening at 2X speed? I can’t and even 1.5X is too fast for more weighty podcasts. Give me 1.25X and I’ll add 15-20 minutes to my day.

  2. And I, the creator of Tic Tac Toe, have been working at my next fart app. I know I’ve been quite about my work but now I can finally let the whole world about my killer project. It will be out after the next meal. PRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!