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Are you a gigabit thinker? Google Fiber and U.S. Ignite want to know

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Perhaps sick of the people who look askance at gigabit connections and ask, “Why does anyone need a gig?” the US Ignite broadband effort and Google Fiber are launching a competition for people who think they have the next gigabit application. This is your chance to invent the equivalent of email for the 21st century, y’all! You’ve got until next Monday to submit your idea as an individual or as part of a team. Make me proud.

2 Responses to “Are you a gigabit thinker? Google Fiber and U.S. Ignite want to know”

  1. the killer app(other than extremely fast bittorrent, etc.) for this would be a small start up not having to use hosted servers to launch a new service or product and eventually even home users hosting there own blog or even social page without having to use a third party cloud service.

    unfortunately this sort of usage is prohibited by the TOS.

  2. What if a great application involves having a server of some sorts in the home? That would violate Google Fiber’s ToS. Would they modify the ToS just for that application? Or would they automatically dismiss the application, because it requires somebody with even a small computer communicating with other computers – you know, because that’s something a fast internet connection enables. But Google’s new position on net neutrality doesn’t allow this kind of thing.

    This goes along with Google’s recent effort to get people to learn how to write software for things like the Raspberry Pi, which would essentially be a server that could be accessed in someone’s home via Google Fiber.

    Google needs to clarify their ToS and their goals with these initiatives. They’re great ideas, but it would be cruel if they encourage people to work on projects they won’t allow on their networks.