Short takes: new release of Intralinks VIA, Wrike Graphite released, Hightail acquires adeptCloud, Zoho Docs for Desktop released

Intralinks has announced a new release of the Intralinks VIA work management solution, extending administrative controls:

from the press release, some of the most notable enhancements, which are largely aligned with Intralinks focus on secure work management:

Setting policies for sharing work streams: Enables administrators to limit a business group’s ability to create specific types of work streams, providing a standard for security on documents. For example, administrators can disable business group users’ ability to share documents with public work streams and require that users create work streams with digital rights management enabled by default, which helps avoid inadvertent data leakage issues.

Determining on which desktop devices users can access their Intralinks VIA Drive: Enables administrators to track the devices a business group member uses to log in and, depending on the type of device, either allows or disallows access. Also enables administrators to disallow devices that were previously allowed – for example, if someone loses a laptop.

Enabling Remote Wipe: Allows administrators to remotely wipe all content from all synchronized devices that are no longer trusted or that fall outside of their control. Significantly, this feature works whether the device is online or offline.

Defining work stream archive dates: Enables administrators to easily comply with corporate archiving policies and manage the complete lifecycle of files.

Creating enhanced reports: Enables administrators to generate granular audit and usage reports that provide a holistic view of the Intralinks VIA environment. This facilitates IT teams’ efforts to comply with audit requirements and analyze business users’ usage of the application.

Provisioning trial accounts for new users: Enables administrators to easily self-manage accounts and add users for free trials or paid accounts for members of their business groups without needing to go back to an account team for service.


Wrike has released a new version of its work management solution, with a much lighter weight and simpler UI design, called Wrike Graphite. Along with this revamped user experience Write has created some new features including an interesting take on the intersection of work journaling and ambient awareness of your coworkers:

The model of “management by walking around”, however funny this title sounds, helped many successful leaders, such as Steve Jobs, to be very effective. Wrike has been delivering this concept through easy info sharing, a flexible model of task following, and convenient real-time notifications on the web, in email, and on mobile.

In Wrike Graphite, we made another big step in this direction: with literally one click on the play button of the timer, you start subtly broadcasting to your team what you are working on. It’s a push-pull model, which means that you’re not imposing this info to your colleagues, but if they “walk by”, they’ll know what you’re working on and will be able to contribute, if necessary. For people who work across the building, country, or globe this is transformative for their online work experience.

Wrike has also invested effort into better email integration, and new task dependencies. I haven’t had a chance to try the new release, but it sounds like a real step forward.

Hightail, the file sync-and-share company formerly known as YouSendIt, has acquired adeptCloud, a file sync-and-share company focused on security.

Enterprise demands for security in the central and critical file sync-and-share services of what I call the Main Stream architecture are increasing (see Salesforce drops Chatterbox, announces Salesforce Files), and this is becoming the battleground for Hightail, Box, Intralinks Via, Dropbox and other competitors.

Zoho has announced Zoho Docs for Desktop, another file sync-and-share competitor, and integrated with Zoho Docs online editors for Office files, now lining up to against competitors like Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, and Apple iCloud.  I have not used this solution, but plan a more in-depth review.