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Report: New iPhone 5s orders with Personal Pickup support start Monday

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Now that Apple’s(s aapl) iPhone 5s is more or less sold out in stores, what’s the easiest way to get one? Online ordering was always an option if you wanted your new handset shipped directly to you. On Monday, Apple will reportedly be adding the in-store Personal Pickup option for new iPhone orders.

I heard this directly from an Apple Store employee on Sunday morning at my local store. She confirmed that every iPhone 5s the store received was sold, save for the display models, of course. I explained that I ordered one online on early Friday morning just 30 minutes after availability: At that time, there was already a 7-10 day wait for shipping with an estimated delivery date of October 8 to 11. That’s when she mentioned the Personal Pickup option.


She wouldn’t confirm when any new iPhone 5s stock would arrive in-store but did tell me that I’d likely get my iPhone 5s faster by ordering and choosing the Personal Pickup option tomorrow. I’ll likely wait and see if her information was correct; if so, I’ll create a new iPhone 5s order and cancel the original.

I expect that if Apple does announce the new Personal Pickup option on Monday, it would be in tandem with weekend sales of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

The option for in-store pickup makes sense to me. Apple Stores are obviously going to get more stock sooner than the online availability dates: Currently, all iPhone 5s models from Apple’s online store suggest October availability. And Apple would prefer that customers come into retail stores to get their new iPhone instead of having them delivered: More foot traffic equals more opportunity for up-sells and product cross-sells.

Bear in mind, this is just one report from one Apple Store employee. I can’t see why she’d tell me something like this if she didn’t have knowledge of it, however. We’ll see tomorrow if Apple adds support for in-store pickup for online orders.

iPhone touch ID

By the way, this was the first time I got a chance to use the new iPhone 5s. In just a few minutes I was impressed by the new camera and the Touch ID sensor. Using the demo app, Touch ID worked flawlessly and fast after setup, both when touching the sensor with my thumb horizontally and vertically.

Update at 5:25am, September 23: I just checked the online store and see the new “Check Availability” link and Personal Pickup option. No new stock at this time in my area, which I expected:

iPhone 5s personal pickup

15 Responses to “Report: New iPhone 5s orders with Personal Pickup support start Monday”

  1. This is the best way get the phone right away. Apple updates their stock every evening at 10 pm local time. Go online at 10 and keep trying to reserve one by selecting the option to pick up at store. I got mine that way a couple of days ago. Keep trying for about 30 min or until you get one, and you have a good shot at getting one. I got the gray one so the gold one may be more difficult. If you don’t get it the first night keeping trying throught the week.

  2. I ordered my 5S as soon as it was available online. I’m soon visiting the US from New Zealand (where the new phones aren’t yet available) and hope it WILL be delivered between Oct 8-11 as promised or I might be leaving the country without my first ever iPhone.

  3. I came across your article and gave it shot.

    Placed my order around 3:45pm and every Apple Store within 50 miles of me showed available stock ready to pick up today.

    I called the Apple Store to confirm they had them in stock. I received an email notification at 4:07pm that my 32GB Black 5s was ready to pick up.

    Headed over to the Apple Store in the Mission Viejo, CA and there was a decently sized line of 40-60 people waiting outside to buy iPhones. I walked right in with my order number and ID and walked out with my 5s all in about 15-20 minutes.

    Couldn’t be happier with the process. I’ve had every iPhone (except the original) and this was about the easiest one to get for me.


  4. i just tried ordering the iphone5s right now which is 12:05 am monday to pick up in the store. i heard the same thing you heard from an apple employe but it still says unavailable. did you have the same problem?