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Taking, editing, and sharing photos in iOS7

Apple (s aapl) has been steadily improving the iPhone’s photo taking abilities with each new iPhone it offers.  This is true of the hardware components on the device that make up the camera as well as the software that makes use of the camera. While the new iPhone 5S certainly has some impressive new capabilities due to improvements in hardware, iOS 7 has also been enhanced and makes taking, editing and sharing photos a better overall experience for all supported devices.

iOS 7 Supported Device Cameras

iOS 7 Camera App

More accessible than ever before, Apple’s Camera app in iOS 7 has a few new features to get excited about. You can access the Camera app from the app’s icon on the home screen as well as by swiping up on the camera icon from the lock screen. It is also accessible from just about anywhere by tapping on the camera button in the new Command Center. You can even still use the volume controls to snap photos.

iOS 7 Camera App

A new square photo mode has been added to the existing video, photo and pano modes. If you happen to have an iPhone 5s, you will also see the new Slo-Mo mode that lets you film at 120 frames per second. When set to either the square or photo mode, there is now a button that resembles three overlapping color filters. Tap it and you will see nine frames arranged in a three-by-three grid.  With the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S, you will see in real time how the different filters will be applied. They are Noir, Chrome, Instant, Tonal, Transfer, Mono, Fade Process and of course None.

iOS 7 Camera Filters

Tap and hold the shutter button and the iPhone 5s will take up to ten pictures a second in burst mode. Low light photos will look better on the iPhone 5s as well with its enhanced image stabilization and a new technology that will merge the least blurry parts of four photos into one. The same is true for panoramas, as they will now shoot at 30 frames per second and adjust the exposure while you pan across the scene you are shooting with your iPhone 5s.

iOS 7 Camera Panorama

iOS 7 Photos App

The Photos app is still the fastest way to access the photos you have on your iPhone. Of course the photos you take with the built-in Camera app will appear in your Camera Roll, but with iOS 7, third-party apps can now save photos to a specially named album like an Instragram or a Diptic. This only works if the third-party app takes advantage of this new feature. Other new photo organizing features include a drill down from years to collections and finally moments. Collections can be from a certain location over a range of dates, whereas moments are photos taken at specific locations on a specific date. These new organizations also include photos from your shared photo streams, but not from others’ shared photo streams.

iOS 7 Photos Organizing

iCloud’s Shared Photo Streams, accessible from within the Photos app, have also been updated with the release of iOS 7. You can now share videos on your Photo Stream as you do Photos. Additionally other iCloud members that you have invited to your Shared Photo Stream can now post their own photos and videos to your Photo Stream. This makes it very easy to set up a single shared event Photo Stream that everyone can post too. The other big change to Photo Streams is that you can now open up your Photo Stream on to anyone, even friends and family that do not have an iCloud account. Once your public iCloud Photo Stream is live, you can even share a link to the site with your Twitter and Facebook friends from within the Photos app.

iOS 7 Photos Public Photo Stream

In addition to iMessage, Mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr photo sharing options, iOS 7 has added AirDrop support to the Photos app. AirDrop is a way to quickly share files between devices. Not all devices that are capable of running iOS 7 support AirDrop; only the iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini and the 5th generation iPod Touch. To get AirDrop to work, both devices must have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on. Additionally you need to establish exactly who you can share with: no one, everyone, or only individuals you have in your contacts. Unfortunately the iOS implementation of AirDrop is not presently compatible with the OS X implementation of AirDrop, something that will hopefully change in the future.

iOS 7 Photos Editing

With the Photos app you can also make some simple and quick edits to your photos. Cropping, rotating, removing red-eye and auto enhancing are still there, plus the new ability to apply the same collection of filters available to the Camera app: Noir, Chrome, Instant, Tonal, Transfer, Mono, Fade and Process. For videos the only option you have to edit your videos is to trim them. For advanced photo and video editing capabilities, you will need to turn to Apple’s iPhoto and iMovie editing apps.

iPhoto for iOS

When Apple announced the availability of iOS 7 and the two new iPhones, the 5c and 5c, Apple also announced that all new iOS device purchases will include a copy of iPhoto and iMovie. From this point forward, these apps will forever be part of the standard apps that come with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch experience. Just like they do on OS X with every Mac you purchase.

iOS 7 iPhoto Organizing

The editing capabilities of iPhoto are much more advanced than those included in the Photos app.  Beyond the auto enhance feature of the Photos app, iPhoto gives you control over the photo’s contrast, brightness, and color saturation.  There are even controls to enhance the green in scenery, the blue in skies, and hues in skin tones.  Taking enhancements one step farther still are Brushes.  For example, with Brushes you can selectively saturate or desaturate, lighten or darken, and sharpen or soften each photo by painting a selected area within the photo.  You can even straighten images by as little as one degree rather then rotating the photo a full 90 degrees.

iOS 7 iPhoto Editing

If your particular iOS device does not support the new AirDrop feature of iOS 7, there is a feature in iPhoto that you can use instead. iPhoto has implemented Beam as a means of sharing photos between iOS devices.  From within iPhoto you select the photo or photos you want to share with another iOS device and tap on Beam instead of Facebook or Twitter.  Provided iPhoto is installed and running on the other iOS device, the photo will then be sent.  This is a great way to take better photos with the camera on your iPhone, then edit them with the larger screen on your iPad.

iOS 7 iPhoto Journals

In contrast to iCloud’s Shared Photo Streams, where you post individual photos online in one continuous stream, iPhoto has a Journal feature where you can personalize a collection of photos into a story.  Journals in iPhoto allow you to arrange your collection of photos in a series of pages, each page having its own title and heading.  You can also add non-photo elements to your Journal like notes, comments, weather, calendars and maps.  When you are finished, you can then publish your Journal to iCloud and share the link with your family and friends.

iMovie for iOS

Now that iCloud supports sharing of movie files in your Shared Photo Stream, you can share each individual movie you take instantly with just about anyone. There are however times when you will want to do more than just trim individual movies in the Photos app. And that is where Apple’s iMovie for iOS comes into play.

iOS 7 iMovie Editing

iMovie will allow you to piece together several different videos you have taken with the Camera app.  You can add title sequences, photos and music to your movies as well.  It even has the ability to implement transitions between different clips and photos.  Once you have finished edition your movie, you can share it online for everyone to see.

With the release of the iPhone 5S’s new camera, iOS 7’s enhanced photo apps, and the inclusion of both iPhoto and iMovie with every iOS device purchase. Apple has raised the standard for both mobile photography as well as cinematography.  Now anyone can accomplish a whole lot more from the first moment they take their new iPhone out of the box.

79 Responses to “Taking, editing, and sharing photos in iOS7”

  1. Sherrie – hi. To save a photo from a message– tap the photo once. The photo should then be shown full size after moving to another screen. Tap the ‘share’ icon at the top right hand corner (small square with an arrow out the top). This then opens up another screen with options . Tap the ‘save image’ icon and your photo is saved in your photos app. Hope this helps.

  2. To add a photo to your txt –there iis a camera icon next to where you start typing your msg (opposite the ‘send’ icon. Press the camera icon and options of ‘take photo or video’ and ‘choose existing’ appear. I’m sure you can do the rest.

    • Hi Sherrie–to save an image from imsg– give the photo a quick tap (do not press ). Your photo should open up in full screen. At the bottom right of the screen is a faint blue share icon which looks like a box with an arrow out the top. Press this and a list of options including ‘Save image’ appears. Your photo is saved to your photo app.

  3. i cannot access my photos from social apps (whatap viber etc). i have tried setting-privacy-photos option, but there is no toggles to turn on. its a blank screen there..

    anyone having solution

    • Hi Elliot. Go to the photo in your photos app that you want to send as an e-mail. Tap the photo once to view it full size. At the bottom left of the screen is your share icon (a square with an arrow out the top). Press this and it opens up an option screen where you should see the ‘mail’ option. Tap the mail option which opens up a mail page with the photo attached and waiting on you filling in the recipients mail address and subject etc. so the trick is to go to the photo first– not the mail app. Hope this gets you mailing ok.

    • Hi Jillb1118–further to my answer I posted about your photo sharing problem . As well as making sure on your pad that icloud is switched on in ‘settings’ and ‘photos’ is switched on. In ‘settings’ scroll down till you see ‘photos & camera’ –tap this and then you will see options to switch on your photostream and photo sharing. Hope this helps.

    • Hi bree brown– to trim a video in ios7 –open your photo app and tap on the video you want to trim. Your video should now be waiting to be played with the white circle and black ‘play’ arrow showing in the middle of the screen. Above your video you should see a narrow band of images from your movie. At either end of this narrow band you will see arrows pointing left and right. Drag these arrows in from either side till you trim your video to suit. It sometimes takes a few press and drag actions to move the arrows. To check if you have trimmed enough– tap the play icon below the video and it will play back what you have trimmed down to. If your happy with your trimming then tap the trim icon at the top right of the screen. It will then ask you if you want to trim the original clip or save as a new clip. If you save as a new clip it will save your trimmed clip and also save your original clip as well

    • Hi Joe Tullock-about your rotation problem. Joe you may have activated the rotation lock switch which is next to your volume control rocker switch on the side of your pad. You can disable this switch to prevent further accidental locking by going to ‘settings’ then ‘general’. You will see an option for rotation lock. If it is ticked–untick it to disable the switch on the side of your pad. It may not be the cure but its worth a try.

      • Hi Joe Tullock–forgot to mention– there is also a rotation lock in your control screen which you pull up from the bottom of your phone screen. Its at the top right hand side of the grey pull up screen. It shows a circular arrow with a padlock inside. Tap this to lock or unlock portrait orientation.

  4. RobfromVA

    No way to text a picture without closing the camera completely out and restarting it! The icon for texting / emailing etc does not show in the bottom left corner unless you shut the camera completely down and restart it?

    • Hi RobfromVA. After taking your photo -tap the square photo screen next to the shutter. Your photo appears with the share icon down in the left corner. Tap it and your photo appears with a tick and a set of options. Tap the message icon and your message page opens with the photo included. After you send your message press ‘done’ and it takes you back to the camera.

    • Lisa Roth-hi I have answered a similar question below I think. Tap your photo once and when it appears full size there is a very faint share icon down in the bottom left corner of the screen (a small box with an arrow sticking out). Tapping this brings up options with your photo showing with a tick against it. Just take your pick of the options showing. Hope this helps. Tommyt xx

  5. Christine

    I have ios7 and don’t have any problem sending photos. You don’t see a box icon at bottom left with an up arrow inside of it??

    MY problem is that I can’t figure out how to delete “collections”…… Anyone??

    • Hi Christine – the idea of ‘collections’ is as the name implies. It’s a page to store all your photos as one collection. If you want to delete anything included in the collection stay on the ‘moments’ page. There as you scroll up and down you will find your photos grouped into years-months-weeks or days. Tap the ‘select’ option in blue at the top right hand side of the page. Beside each group of photos is another ‘select’ option. Tap this and the photos end up with a tick in each of them. You can untick the ones to save or leave the ones you want deleted ticked. At the bottom of the screen on the right side you will see the bucket (delete) icon. Press this to delete the photos you have left ticked. Make sure the ones you want to keep are ‘unticked’. Hope this helps you.

  6. My 4S phone with the new iOS will not allow me to post pictures to facebook or my facebook page from the app. When I try to add a photo the app crashes. try a hard reboot, deleted the apps and reinstalled them..still camera roll crashes the apps.

    • Hi advgrrls–check in the app store that the facebook app has been upgraded to run on ios7 and is compatable with your 4s. Usually when an app crashes it has not been updated to the latest version. So check compatability for your older 4s and ios7. The facebook app should have been updated by now.

        • Hi advgrrls–checked the reviews of the latest update to the facebook app in the app store and it seems your not alone with the crashing problem. Many people are reporting the same issues. Hopefully Facebook will sort it out with a small update for the app.

  7. Magda Lambrechts

    Where can I see the photo I saved from facebook to camera roll??? It still give the option to save the photo but with new ios7 I cannot find it in moments or year or whatever!!! Please please can Anyone give me an answer……struggeling with this 6 days… Many hours……going CRAZY!!!

    • Hi Francisco– if you receive a photo in an e-mail–once it has opened so you can see it in the mail. You don’t tap the photo-you press your finger on the photo and a list of options opens up. Press the save option and your photo is saved in your photo app. To send the same photo in a text you go into your photo app and tap the photo you wan. Once it opens press the very small and faint share icon (a box with an arrow sticking out the top) down in the left hand corner of the screen which opens up your options for sending. Hope this helps.

  8. If I turn off photo stream (which seems to put photo’s on every and all devices so it is really hard to manage my photo’s) will it delete any/all of my (saved to the cloud) journals?

  9. To email a pic while in picture, while you can see the pic, click the box on the left with the arrow pointing up. you’ll see the mail option as long as you aren’t choosing more than 3 I found

  10. How do I delete photos from photo stream? When I open the camera app it only shows me camera roll now. The photo stream is only in my FB and I dont have an option to delete when I open photo stream anywhere

    • Hi Cindi — any photos that arrive on any of your devices ie-phone -ipad or itouch etc by photo stream will be deleted when you switch off photo stream on the device that you don’t want any more photos to be streamed too. Before you switch off photo stream on that device you should save any photos you want to keep to camera roll. Please make sure you do this before switching off photo stream on the device you don’t want photos delivered to any more. The device which originally took the photo will have that photo saved in its camera roll. So save any photos that you want to keep into your camera roll before switching off photostream.

      • Hi Lee –I find if you are looking at a photo that should be viewed in portrait view and you are holding the phone in landscape view. The photo will rotate only when you turn the phone so the large home button is at the bottom of the photo. The phone doesn’t seem to want to rotate the photo if the phone is upside down (large home button to the bottom). Or tap the photo and tap edit from the options. The rotate option is to the bottom left of the edit screen.

      • Lee-further to my last post about your photo rotation problem. In the control screen which you pull up from the bottom of the phones screen–there is a rotation lock at the top right hand corner of the grey screen. The icon consists of a circular arrow with a padlock inside. Tap this to switch rotation on or off.

    • Hi Donna–I answered a similar problem with viewing photos so the same answer might solve your problem. Check your control screen which you pull up from the bottom of the phone. In the top right hand corner is an icon with a circular arrow and a padlock inside. This is a rotation lock which can be switched off and on by tapping it. It might solve the camera problem. There is also a switch on the side of your ipad next to your volume control rocker switch. This is also a rotation lock. There might be a rotation lock in the settings of the facebook app– I don’t do facebook so not so sure about that one. Good luck

    • Jamie-hi. To save a photo from a mail you do not tap it–you press your finger on the photo till an options screen appears. The option to ‘save image’ is there with other options including airdrop. Hope this helps to get you saving those snaps lol. Tommyt

      • Thank you SO much…I am totally new to smart phones. I cropped a picture and thought, like a digital camera, it would be saved as another image, not replaced. My fav pic was gone – I almost cried! I was able to get it from a sent email. Thank goodness for tech people and their willingness to help those less gifted such as myself. ❤️

        • Hi Jo glad you got your photo back and as long as you keep your mail you can copy the same photo as many times as you like after experimenting with resizing or change to black and white etc. It really is a good idea to back up your phone on the computer from time to time or its easy to create another e mail address and send your most precious photos to your other e mail address (yourself). As long as you don’t delete those mails you will always have a safe copy !!! Bye for now

        • Hi Jo -forgot to mention– if you are using ios 7 the photo you cropped and thought you had lost is still there. Open up your cropped photo and tap ‘edit’. Tap the cropping option at the bottom of the screen (which you must have done before) . When the grid appears pull the corners out to expand the photo. You will see your original photo appear again. Keep pulling the corners of the grid out till you have your original snap again. Press ‘crop’ then ‘save’. You now have your original photo back. The same applies to when you add a filter to your photos. If you want to go back to the original just go to the ‘edit’ ‘filters ‘ option and press ‘none’ in the list of filter options. I must start charging for this service lol.

    • Sean-Hi. As yet you cannot share or send the ‘slo mo’ video you create. It will be sent as a ‘normal’ video. I will try to explain. Normal video is recorded at 25-30 frames per second and will play back at normal speed in your computer-phone-dvd player or any other software you use. To view this ‘normal’ video in slo-mo the player or software you are using must have a slo-mo option built in to it to play the ‘normal’ clip in slo-mo. So all Apple has done with the 5s is build in the capability to play back ‘normal’ videos in slo-mo. the slo-mo effect is only a built in playback option. They could have included a fast speed option too but the clip wouldn’t last long. The reason the clip is recorded at 120 frames per second is to give smooth playback in slo-mo. if you were to play back a clip recorded at 30 frames per second in slo-mo it would be very jerky and unwatchable. The slo-mo effect you create is not embedded or saved in your clip. The phone or any other device you have with a slo-mo playback option is only giving you the chance to see life in slo-mo thanks to the 120 frame rate rather than 30. So for now its a novelty-but an excellant one.