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Watch the iPhone 5s beat the iPhone 5c in a drop test

While plenty of people are scrambling around today trying to get their hands on a new iPhone 5s(s aapl), the team at Android Authority already picked up the phone in Hong Kong and put it through a series of drop tests against the iPhone 5c. Both phones fared pretty well, but the iPhone 5c didn’t manage to survive the ultimate test – the face-down phone drop.

Each phone was dropped from chest level onto stone pavement. The iPhone 5s held up remarkably well, surviving drops on its back, side and face. Aside from a couple of light scuffs you can barely tell it was even dropped. The iPhone 5c was also able to handle drops on its back and sides with aplomb, but the screen shattered in a series of spiderweb cracks when dropped face down. It was still operable, which is a plus, but you might want to think about springing for Apple Care or getting some extra screen protection if that’s the phone you’re going for.

To see the drop tests, or if you just hate Apple and want to see one of its phones destroyed, check out the video below.

8 Responses to “Watch the iPhone 5s beat the iPhone 5c in a drop test”

  1. AppleCare has gone from a “maybe” deal to an exceptionally bad deal. You spend $180 on your first repair and “just” $80 if you need a second one.

    The only real reasons to get AppleCare is (a) you are exceptionally clumsy (b) you are ridiculously risk averse and must have a second year of product warranty (c) you are not the one paying for it.

    Even Apple will repair front glass for a small fraction of $180. And third parties will do it for much less. Housings will also run you much less. Few breaks will lead to total phone destruction.

  2. iMobile Rescue

    Yeppers! Totally breakable. But – no one expected any different, and it isn’t a bad thing. Both phones are still amazing. — Just means, business as usual for repair companies, which is a great thing. Keep things flowing!