Test build of Android 4.3 for Moto X shows camera improvement


Motorola’s(s goog) VP of Product Development, Punit Soni, has already said camera improvements were coming soon to the Moto X and it looks like the company is indeed working on them. An XDA forum member posted files from Android 4.3 for the Moto X on Friday and says that although the device runs a little slower than it did on Android 4.2.2, the camera seems improved.

Android Central, which originally found the XDA posting, notes that if you have an unlocked Moto X, you can install the software yourself. I wouldn’t advise it because it was dumped from a test phone. Clearly, the software update is still a work in progress. It’s good to see that progress, however: The inconsistency of image quality from the camera is the phone’s Achilles Heel based on my usage.



Perhaps they should have thought this all through prior to releasing the phone and possibly used a quad-core processor if improving one feature was going to affect the phone’s overall performance. Hopefully they can reduce the trade offs by the time the software update is released.

Also, I’m surprised there is a performance hit to improving the phone’s ability to quickly adjust the camera settings. The camera itself was supposedly plenty quick as is

Dilip Andrade

The slow response of the phone is likely due to an unoptimized version of the OS. As they gets closer to release, the OS updates tend to get faster and faster.

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