Robots are making some serious art


Art is a funny thing — a uniquely human construct that relies an a careful and nuanced grasp of aesthetics. Robots haven’t always been known for their ability to make art, but many new machines are landing in the news for their skills according to TechDirt. One program, e-David, learns how to create forgeries of well-known works by an algorithm. Animal spotlighted another bot, BNJMN, that can actually create original artwork all by itself, thanks to a cleverly programed Arduino UNO. Can robots make art? Well, if elephants can, then I say yes.


James Matthew

This is interesting but I don’t call it art. Humans create visual arts and music because of innate creative ability. Machines do only what they are programmed to do. It may be possible to program creativity into a machine, but not in something the size of an Arduino.


I hate to burst your bubble but just because a human did not make the art does not mean that it is not art… you may just not see it with the naked eye. Anything is art, the robot was not programmed to create the art it did, it created it on its own… And if it did not create art you did something in the project wrong…

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