NetApp pushes ‘universal data platform’ for clouds


Yesterday NetApp announced the Data ONTAP solution and billed it as a “universal data platform” across multiple cloud environments.  The theme is: “The cloud is dead. Long live the hybrid cloud.

“NetApp’s solution is a universal data platform where it doesn’t matter which cloud is in use, from what vendor — or even if it has no vendor at all but was built from scratch using OpenStack, since NetApp claims to be ramping up API integration with OpenStack. Makes sense, since NetApp previously contributed Data ONTAP Clustering drivers to the “Folsom” version of the OpenStack project.”

Public clouds are being increasingly complemented with, or, in many cases, replaced by, private cloud counterparts.  Some of this is inevitable in the post-Snowden era, where “public cloud” has taken on a grim new meaning.

While hybrid clouds and multi-clouds are certainly an inevitable conclusion for most enterprises moving to cloud computing, the motivation is more about distribution and flexibility, moreso than paranoia around security issues. However, the NetApp solution seems to have a reasonable approach to data distribution in a world where distributed public and private cloud services are a foregone conclusion.




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