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Google Wallet expands to iOS for coupons, reward cards and money transfers

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Now that Google Wallet no longer requires an NFC-capable handset, expect to see it on non-Android(s goog) phones. Case in point: The digital wallet app became available for iOS devices on Thursday in the iTunes App Store(s aapl).

Obviously you can’t use the app on iOS for contactless payments; that part requires an NFC chip in the phone. But you can keep track of retail loyalty cards, get Google Offers while shopping or wirelessly send money to anyone with a Google account. Will it be a big hit on iOS? I suspect not, although Apple doesn’t yet have a similar wallet app just yet; as a result, this could give PayPal(s ebay) for iOS a scare.

4 Responses to “Google Wallet expands to iOS for coupons, reward cards and money transfers”

  1. Fazendo Justiça

    making Justice
    Is so much talk About Google Wallet, but nobody mentions Gaston Schwabacher that will go down in history as the inventor of the Electronic Wallet, owner of the Intellectual Rights of Patent PI 9500345 in 1995 even before Google’s own existence.
    Gaston Schwabacher will be among the great creators, inventors such as: Bell, Da Vinci, Daimler, Edison, Volta, Watt, Santos Dumont … and many others.

  2. Personally I hope Google Wallet never succeeds because of the risk of information monopolization and having TMI by one entity. Yes yes, we know Ray Kurzweil is Mr. Singularity, who now collects a paycheck at Google as an employee because his own venture(s) never made it despite his bragging almost a decade ago such as about his algorithmic trading system FatKat ( ). Oh, but how many people remember FatKat or hold Ray accountable for his braggery of it (see Cnet’s interview of Ray about FatKat). So why trust your wallet to Google whose chief scientist bragged about how good FatKat was? Its in a similar vein, why trust your wallet to Wall St. brethren like defunct Lehman, whereby these firms trade other people’s money but are not accountable to themselves for screw ups (see recent Bloomberg Micheal Lewis interview about “the next crisis”).

  3. I still cannot access my Gmail or Google+. Google does not reply to FACEBOOK messages. You heed the log in page of Gmail to get tech support. Maybe the new Google OS is not compatible with my Windows 7. When I search on YAHOO for Gmail, I get this:

    “This webpage is not available”

    “The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”

    Does Gmail have a new web address?

  4. I would hope that US carriers won’t prevent Google Wallet from being installed on iPhones and Android phones without NFC. They can’t use the lame excuse that Wallet competes with ISIS as far as mobile payments are concerned.