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A “cloudnostic” future

What will a “cloudnostic” future look like? Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Hightail, discussed what it means to be cloud agnostic, and what impact that will have in the future, at GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference on Thursday.

But first, if Hightail sounds unfamiliar, you’ll probably recognize the company’s previous name, YouSendIt. Why the name change? That actually has a lot to do with being cloudnostic. According to Garlinghouse, “For a lot of [YouSendIt users], they only knew us for send. Over the last couple of years the product portfolio has expanded to include cloud-based file sharing, cloud-based sync, e-sign… a much broader suite of services.”

The new name, says Garlinghouse, is imbued with meaning in terms of where Hightail is going. “Cloudnostic” refers to the idea that there is not just one cloud. “We did some research with [research company] Osterman and we found that almost 20 percent of corporations in the EU already used between five and 15 cloud-based services.”

Garlinghouse wants Hightail to be able to work across those various clouds and services. For example, it enables cross-cloud searching through the Mac app Found, letting users search across services Dropbox, Evernote, and Gmail.

“Companies are going to be use multiple cloud-based services. We need to make sure that the work we are helping companies get done is actually cognizant of that and allows you to interact with that,” he said.

Check out the rest of our Structure:Europe 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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