5 key characteristics of the cloud


Credit: Anna Gordon/GigaOM

Everyone loves a good acronym, and we’ve got a new one for you on the cloud, courtesy of Joe Weinman, SVP of Cloud Services and Strategy of Telx, at GigaOM’s Structure Europe conference on Thursday in London. Here you go:

1). Common

2). Location independent

3). Online

4). Utility, pay per use pricing

5). on Demand resources, where there shouldn’t be a variation in the work load.

Five attributes for you to remember that make up the cloud — and an acronym to boot!

Check out the rest of our Structure:Europe 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:


Jake Plum

You can also grow and shrink your capacity (processing power, storage, network) very quickly, in minutes or hours. So there would be a factor of rapid elasticity.

Thanks for your insight.

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