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Google: Livestreaming of record-breaking skydive used a quarter of the world’s bandwidth

Remember skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking jump last year? It broke a few records — the 39,045 meter height, for a start, but also the 8 million concurrent views it got on YouTube(S goog), where it was exclusively livestreamed.

But here’s something that’s even more gobsmacking: according to Barak Regev, Google Enterprise’s Head of EMEA Cloud Platform, that high-quality broadcast consumed almost a quarter of the world’s bandwidth. That’s an astounding amount, and certainly a testament to Google’s content delivery capabilities.

Speaking at GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference in London, Regev also said Google is hosting over 3 million applications on its cloud, which he claimed was “the world’s fastest and probably highest-quality cloud infrastructure on the planet” – I daresay there will be a few rivals who would challenge that statement.

Check out the rest of our Structure:Europe 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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