HP brings in a former Microsoft executive–this time to lead its converged cloud products


Credit: Anna Gordon/GigaOM

HP has hired Bill Hilf, the man who brought open source religion to Microsoft to help HP build its converged cloud products, according to Margaret Dawson, VP of product marketing and cloud evangelist at HP, who dropped the news at our Structure:Europe Conference Wednesday. Hilf was responsible for all product management and product planning for Windows Azure, and is the man famous for introducing Microsoft to open source software.

Perhaps Hilf’s experience with open technologies signals that HP will finally get cloud right. One of the challenges big IT providers have faced is they want to use their own high-dollar gear for building out clouds instead of embracing the lower-cost webscale gear used by competitors. This ensures that vendor clouds can’t stay competitive in price over time. They also tend to require more people to operate, further affecting cost. Perhaps Hilf can change this. Perhaps it’s not too late for HP.

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