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How businesses grapple with implementing the cloud

Many of the speakers during GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference approach cloud technology from the vendor side, but what about the consumers? Figuring out when and how to adopt the cloud isn’t easy.

Bruno Silva, research computing platforms team leader and the University College London, said that the college weighed its cloud options carefully. More importantly, it wasn’t swayed by the cloud’s trendy reputation.

“Cloud is a buzzword, I’m afraid. It’s a catch-all term for all sorts of things,” Silva said. “In the end, we did look at the cloud from a different approach. We looked at what it did versus what we were offering, and we found it had value.”

Head of Infrastructure at Trader Media Group Russell Warman agreed with Silva’s sentiments, and mentioned that it’s also about choosing the right product — and knowing when to bring data home.

“Part of our business has been at Amazon for years. But if you look at the cost of housing it in our own data centers, it’s massively cheaper,” Warman said. “We want to bring it home and reduce our operating costs.”

Check out the rest of our Structure:Europe 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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