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After getting acquired by Samsung, Boxee shuts down its Cloudee video-sharing service

Two months after news broke that Boxee has been acquired by Samsung, the company is finally shutting down its video-sharing service Cloudee. In an email to users, Boxee said Wednesday:

“Cloudee has a very special place in our hearts, it’s a service we built for our families. It was the way we shared meaningful experiences and funny moments. Unfortunately, as the team has been working diligently on exciting new products within Samsung, we came to the decision that Cloudee will not have a place in the new organization and we will have to shut it down.”

The email goes on to say that users have until the end of the month to download any of their videos, after which everything is going to be deleted.

Cloudee, which launched in June of 2012, allowed users to upload videos from their iPhones (s AAPL) and share them privately with their friends and contacts. The service was a bit of an odd duck for Boxee, which had been developing a platform for TV-connected devices. But Boxee used Cloudee in part to test cloud video storage. That knowledge was then used to launch Boxee’s Cloud DVR service, which also has shut down since the acquisition.

2 Responses to “After getting acquired by Samsung, Boxee shuts down its Cloudee video-sharing service”

  1. Janko, please stop publishing any news for this shady,lying company. They made quite a few promises, but none was fulfilled. Promises aside they’re abandoning all the users of their product i.e. shutting down Live TV on first box making the $60 dongle unusable. And all these new customers of their cloud service {Joke} are abandoned within months..

  2. Kevin Wyman

    Can’t wait until they stop supporting the guide information on the Boxee TV. That will make this little box totally worthless. How about the former team show a little good will for all of us who purchased the TV/DVR device for full retail less than a year ago by releasing a way to record OTA TV shows onto a hard drive? I will be hard pressed to purchase any Samsung smart TV product knowing that this team had anything to do with the development.