Etsy takes a cue from Pinterest with new curation feature for brands and bloggers

There’s a lot of good stuff on Etsy, but discovering it can be tricky — especially as more mass-produced goods have flooded the marketplace that was once intended to be for handmade products only.

Etsy already has some discovery features, including blogs and an “Etsy Finds” email newsletter. On Tuesday, the Brooklyn-based company rolled out another way to link shoppers with products: A new “Pages” feature, clearly inspired by Pinterest, that invites brands and bloggers to curate their favorite Etsy products on themed boards.

Just as Pinterest was once invite-only, Etsy Pages is too, at least for now. The company writes on its blog:

“To launch Pages, we’ve hand-selected brands and bloggers who celebrate Etsy’s items and makers, and boast strong editorial chops when it comes to curating for their audiences. With a mix of perspectives — from home decor, kids, weddings and more — and a global spread, we’re excited to kick off Pages with such a talented group! As they grow their following on Etsy, the partners will also help spread awareness of our unique marketplace by using Pages’ tools to post their curation to their own communities. And we’re excited to continue to add new Pages in the coming months.”

Among the brands and bloggers participating so far: Martha Stewart Weddings, Lucky magazine, retail store West Elm, home design blog Apartment Therapy, food blog Food52 and others, including brands from Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the U.K.

I asked Etsy if the brands are receiving a revenue share for any products sold through their Pages. In the U.S., no: An Etsy spokeswoman told me that “Etsy Pages U.S. partnerships are organic partnerships with the mutual benefits of traffic and growth; there is no revenue sharing on sold items.” Outside the U.S., though, “some of the international partnerships have an affiliate component, as we are testing various affiliate programs.”

Overall, Pages seems like a cool feature, but I wondered about curation fatigue. Most of the participating brands also have a presence on Pinterest, where they can showcase items from anywhere (including Etsy, of course), and it seems as if it would be hard to devote attention to both platforms, which presumably attract a lot of the same users. Etsy says it has over 30 million members; Pinterest, according to a recent report, has 70 million registered users. Then again, the participating brands may find it easier to stand out on Etsy than on Pinterest.