Apple now offers “last compatible version” of iOS apps


Tomorrow, iOS 7 will finally hit the streets for everyone — except those with an older, incompatible device. But a user on Reddit spotted a handy new feature: some older models will have the opportunity to download the “last compatible version” of an iOS app. It’s not perfect, as some commenters have noted that the feature works spottily for phones running iOS 3.1 (sorry, original iPhone), but it does mean that customers that don’t or can’t upgrade to iOS 7 won’t get left in the dust without any app options.



Most current apps will have been tweaked for iOS 7 leaving the older code intact. The app queries the device to find which iOS it is running on and runs the appropriate code. So most apps will work fine on older devices.


Looks like time freeze for old devices. It is much better than forced update, but 2 equally bad things may happen. Developers may continue to create apps for iOS 6 and ignore iOS 7 or develop new apps for iOS 7 only, just forcing the update in a milder way.

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