Amazon’s Instant Video iOS app now lets you stream to Apple TV via AirPlay


Amazon’s Instant Video iOS (s AAPL) app, which allows users to watch video content purchased from Amazon and stream Prime Instant Video content, will now work better with Apple devices: In an update on Tuesday, Amazon (s AMZN) added the ability to stream content from the app to Apple TV via AirPlay.

The update was a long time coming: The Instant Video iOS app was first released in July 2012. On iTunes, the app had garnered thousands of negative reviews for its lack of compatibility with AirPlay.

Apple TV still doesn’t have a native Amazon Instant Video app (Roku does), but this might be a step toward that.

The update also included more integration with IMDB, which is owned by Amazon.


I got the app but it won’t accept my password and won’t let me check it or change it and there is no way to get support

Denise Overstreet

I have the same problem…only audio, no video… IPad Gen 1 with iOS 5.1.1… It must be the iPad app… I can AirPlay from YouTube, HBOGo, and a few other apps, just not Amazon Instant Video. Frustrating. Amazon shouldn’t forget about us iPad 1 users… We might not be ready to upgrade to a new iPad just yet.


No video here as well on my original iPad with iOS 5.1.1. Works fine on my iPhone, iOS7


I have version 2.10.4452.28 – it doesn’t work. Only audio, no video


I suspect that Airplay has collected dust too long to become much of anything. Chromecast is likely to get more units out in a shorter period of time, because it’s one third the price.

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