Friday’s AWS outage brings up more questions


Don’t look now but AWS had some outage issues on Friday.  “Friday the 13th is not starting out well for Amazon’s big U.S. East region where Amazon’s EC2 service  is showing signs of stress. Network connectivity issues there appear to be impacting Heroku, parts of Github, CMSWire and some other sites. The networking issue also impacted Amazon’s RedShift data warehousing service, Simple Messaging Services, Relational Data Service, and CloudHSM service, according to the status page.”

Questions then arise around AWS’s ability to keep up their ever-increasing workloads, and not have issues like these in the future.  Once again, AWS seems to be good at building and deploying cloud services that everyone seems to like, but they do run into more issues around operations than many would find comfortable.

What’s more, these issues seem to be very avoidable.  For example, the network issue that caused the problems on Friday could easily be worked around with the right approaches and automation capabilities.

Those impacted by the outage, I’m sure, are asking the same questions.  Moreover, those considering AWS as their next move to cloud computing could also be voicing some concerns these days.

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