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Tumblr launches the Reblog Book Club; first title: Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl

Tumblr launched a book club, Reblog Book Club, this week. The first title is teen author Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. Rowell is an active Tumblr user, and Fangirl tells the tale of a college student obsessed with writing fan fiction.

Readers can contribute to the book club either by posting about the book to their own Tumblrs and tagging the posts #reblogbookclub or by submitting posts to the book club’s Tumblr.

“[Because] this is a book club the Tumblr way, you can express your feelings about the book however you choose — a written review, fan art, gifs, poems, letters…” the company writes in a blog post:

“Maybe you have Fangirl nail art? Maybe you want to post a video blog talking through your ideas, a g-chat with a friend, or a song you think the characters would relate to? It’s all up to you!”

The book club is led by Rachel Fershleiser, who runs literary and nonprofit outreach at Tumblr and previously worked at Bookish. She told the LA Times:

“I still think it can be tricky to create the feel of a book club with people in different time zones who never get to meet. I’m humbly suggesting that Tumblr might be the best way to do it. You can use text as short or longform as you want, art, gifs, videos, songs; you can include hundreds or thousands of contributors without getting confusing; and you can create original posts or share interesting things you find elsewhere on the Web.”

Fershleiser said she doesn’t know yet what the next pick for the book club will be, but “I’m looking for a perfect storm of appropriate for younger readers but compelling to older readers too, quality/accessibility, and an author who is already an active member of the Tumblr community.”

Among the things fans have already submitted to the book club:

An imaginary movie poster, starring Zooey Deschanel and Andrew Garfield:

fangirl movie

Fangirl-inspired fashion:

fangirl outfits

Fangirl doodles from class today“:

fangirl class