Straight Talk adds AT&T LTE support for $45 monthly plan


Straight Talk has added support for AT&T’s LTE network and now sells a compatible SIM card for $6.99 on its site. PrePaid Phone News spotted the change; up until now, Straight Talk’s service only included HSPA+ network speeds. The company, which buys network access at wholesale pricing and then resells it, charges $45 per month for what it calls “unlimited” voice, texts and data.

Straight Talk LTE

This development is a big change from when I highlighted Straight Talk last March. Back then, I explained how the service could let you dump AT&T and T-Mobile for a cheaper month-to-month service plan. But the service was limited to a slower HSPA+ network. And although service is advertised as unlimited, some customers have said their service speeds were slowed after 2 to 2.5 GB of monthly data.

Still, for certain people, the addition of LTE makes a good deal even better. You’ll need to supply your own phone with support for AT&T’s LTE network — most recent iPhones(s aapl), Androids(s goog), Windows Phones(s msft) and BlackBerry(s bbry) devices do. And you’ll want to watch your monthly mobile broadband usage. Do that with the right phone and the no-contract $45 per month deal can save you a bundle while also providing speedy LTE service.



I have used both SimpleMobile, T-Mobile, and Aio, in the past 14 months. SimpleMobile was a no go after two months. They told me that it was only unlimited “web” and that I was downloading too much (I did try to test by downloading two 500 mb files). So, I left them for t-mobile. T-Mobile has great HSPA+ coverage in some areas, but it seems no building penetration. The LTE in in Lake County, IL, just north of Chicago, is horrendous. I forced my phone back to 3G as the speeds were better. But, T-Mobile cannot penetrate any building other than my house. Plus, at most places the HSPA+ speeds are below 2 mbps (although in my house I get over 20… but who needs it there?). Plus, I would drop calls all the time. AIO, although still capped at 7 GB of data, was by far the best coverage and even though the speeds were capped, I always got the max speed no matter where I was.

I would like to try StraightTalk, but the 2.5 GB is a bit low (I say that although I rarely go over it). I wish they had a 5 GB option for $55.


*30 day Unlimited Plans include 2.5 GB of high speed data per 30 day cycle. After 2.5 GB, your data speed will be reduced for the remainder of the 30 day cycle.

-Per Straight Talks Sim and Home pages


We are with ST & have been for over 3 years. My husband has an at&t iphone 4 that just updated to ios 7.0.2 and I cannot get data working at all. my 4s with ios 7 is doing fine. any suggestions?

Matteo Rodrigo

Where on Straight Talk’s website does it say they offer LTE service on ATT? I cant find it anyway and their customer service on phone and email told me they don’t. I can also not find any press release from them; just articles from tech sites.
Will they offer TMobile LTE too?

You need to realize that Straight Talk does not offer unlimited service. Its actually hard to know what they offer or what limits exist because they wont tell you. Youll get a notice threatening to cancel you and if you violate this imaginary limit, you will get cancelled. They will NEVER tell you what the limit – just read the terms and conditions…Its also clear because they are an MVNO , you will go behind all the contract customers for ATT.

Please also note that customer service is non existent. Its all outsourced (I think Phillipines but maybe India too)…You will struggle to get anyone who speaks English or understands you. To that end, they just read off their scripts and go around in circles no matter what you tell them


I have had T-Mobile straight talk for about 6 months with my T-Mobile Note 2 and started receiving 4G LTE last month. So far my max download is 25mbps and upload is 15 mbps. I average around 15/8 though. Still, much better than the AT&T LTE straight talk that I’ve seen posted and certainly better than AIO which is capped at 8mbps down (why do people make such a big deal about AIO LTE anyway? T-Mobile HSPA+ gets better than 8mbps down!).

iPHone Guy

I wrote to Straight Talk about This LTE News and i i asked how much data i would able to use this what they said —>

Thank you for contacting Straight Talk Wireless. We are responding to
your recent inquiry.

Please be informed that Straight Talk Wireless offers Bring Your Own
Phone (BYOP) Program that allows you to use your cellular phones to
Straight Talk by buying a SIM card and an Unlimited Service Card. It
gives you the ability to use virtually any compatible or unlocked
domestic GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) or SIM
card-capable phones. The phone must operate in 850 and 1900 MHz bands.
Regular (mini) and micro SIM cards are available on our website and at

This also includes CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or non-SIM card
phones. You need to purchase a Network Access Code along with the
Unlimited Service Card. The Network Access Code will serve as a key to
load and identify the phone in our system then complete its one-time
registration. This program will not work with phones that are 4G LTE
technology and iPhones. Likewise, our data usage are being capped at 1.5
gigabytes per month. Once you exceeded the amount of data that we put up
to your phone you will be receiving a warning and a possibility of
service termination.

Bring Your Own Phone program for GSM/CDMA does not support BlackBerry,
iPads or tablets, branded Straight Talk, SafeLink, TracFone, NET10,
TelCel America, Metro PCS and Sprint phones.

For further inquiries, visit or contact our
Customer Care Center at 1-855-222-2355. Our representatives are
available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.

Thank you for your interest in Straight Talk Wireless. We appreciate
your business.


Straight Talk Wireless

Matteo Rodrigo

That actually is NEWS. They used to not give a limit and some people said they had reached 2-2.5…If they actually wrote 1.5gb in writing , thats news. Still not ‘unlimited’ despite the ongoing advertising of that.
Theyve also always said any video or music streaming is a violation of terms and subject to cancellation as well


Customer service is telling me i need a new SIM for LTE to work. been with them for a year

John S. Wilson

Straight Talk is so odd. They don’t make a spokesman available for comment, clarify any new policies with marketing, or use Wal-Mart for customer service even though Wal-Mart has made an investment. What a lost opportunity.

I used ST for some time. The service wasn’t bad but did have its glitches – no mms, no visual voicemail, random iMessage issues, and throttled speeds. I’ve left and gone to Go Phone. Not a single issue there.


There have been so many horrible reviews of Straight Talk (no streaming, no leaving your area code,…) that they don’t appear to be worth it, LTE or not.

Jason P.

I’ve been on Straight Talk MVNO with my At&T iPhone 4 for the past 14 months, and I’ve had no problem whatsoever. I travel frequently from state to state, city to city, and I get service wherever AT&T is covered on the map. I stream Youtube and music occasionally; I’m just a light user. I turn up using around 1.3 GB a month. As long as you stay under 100MB a day and under 2GB total per month, you’re okay.

Werner A

I have the same satisfactory experience as Jason P. My useage is almost identical to his. Infrequently, I have streamed more than 100Mb per day (sometimes 300 to 400Mb once a month) with Pandora and Youtube and have had no problems.


does this require a new sim, or will old att straight talk sims automatically jump onto lte now?

Kevin C. Tofel

I don’t have one to test, but I can’t see why it would require a new SIM. There’s no plan change, nor difference in cost. And I have read at least one report that someone with an old ST SIM is now seeing LTE on their phone.


well I have the exact same phone as my wife but my sim card is older and the internet on her phone is faster



I was wondering if i should buy a new straight talk att compatible micro sim card lte because it should be better and faster than their old att compatible micro sim, right?

Frank A NYC

Good news. My wife is planning on buying a moto x to replace her nexus 4 on ST. AT&T has opened up LTE on all of their prepaid plans, and now include AIO and ST.


Its not competing against themself its called multibranding and it is done by many popular companies. Coca cola has dozens and dozens of brands that you didn’t even know were owned by them including dasani and fanta. Another reason for doing this is in case one of your brands receives negative feedback it wouldn’t hurt “coca colas” image. But yea its mainly about profits

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