Meet the $349 Asus Transformer Book T100 with Windows 8.1 (Good luck Surface 2)


As the company behind the original netbook, Asus is once again pushing forward with a low-cost but capable Windows(s msft) PC: The company announced its $349 Transformer Book T100 on Wednesday and Engadget already got a hands on. The laptop looks very similar to other products in the Transformer line with a thin shiny casing, yet even at this low price the 10.1-inch display can be removed for use as a Windows 8.1 touchscreen tablet. How can Windows RT devices compete with that?

Transformer T100 Book

Unlike the original Eee PC, the Transformer Book T100 isn’t a chopped down computer. It runs on a new quad-core Intel(s intc) Bay Trail Atom chip paired with 2 GB of memory. The screen resolution is 1366 x 768 and the computer has a micro USB port, micro HDMI, microSD card reader and a full-sized USB 3.0 port on the keyboard dock. Asus says you can expect up to 11 hours of battery life.

It’s a pretty impressive feat to put together such a nice-looking product at this cost. The $349 model comes with 32 GB of internal storage but for $50 more you can purchase a 64 GB model. Asus says the 2.4 pound computer will be available in mid-October.

As an owner of the first netbook — and a few more after that one — I’m intrigued by the device. More importantly, I’m wondering how this will impact sales of Windows RT devices.

Surface RT with Touch Cover

As I noted in January, Intel’s aggressive approach to compete against Windows on ARM chips would kill Windows RT sales. And Microsoft’s Surface 2 is expected to debut later this month: It has to be priced right to have a chance at success. Good luck getting the cost under $349 for a full Windows 8.1 laptop / tablet, I say.



it surely is more expensive in our place – 24,000 PHP equiv to more or less (500$) includes the dock, MS… why is that?


My 2nd Option though would be the toshiba click with AMD APU’s on board!


I don’t think office will be included,

it will most likely come bundled with an office 365 Trial

Im already in love with it and planning for it as soon at hits local markets
I already own the VivoTab Smart & i love that device.
The only drawback is the one microUSB on the tab, but i think the TF100 solves it

Im currently using a microsoft wedge Keyboard and contour BT mouse
The TF100’s integrated Keyboard will save me a lot of hassle.

I really wish theyd make an AMD version of this device using temash and AutoCad and Graphics moderate apps would be a breeze as well, i wouldnt mind sacrificing Battery life.

Maria Tam

It is hard to find the Asus Transformer Book T 100 in Hong Kong, can you tell me where can I get one?

Tony Fayerman

Any idea if the t100 (or others in the new Asus tablet range) will take input from a digital stylus (to use with the handwriting recognition capability Win 8/8.1 offers)?

Bill Quick

“I would buy the surface pro if its around 500.”



Need more ram..2gb memory is too low. The new standard will be 4gb ram. I woukd buy the surface pro if its around 500.

Ken Gedgaud

I’m just thinking of something like this for my wife. She’s not digging the Google Chrome notebook she’s been using.

Northern Illinois

The $350 is good, but does it include the keyboard dock and MS Office?

Surface RT still has the advantage of resistance to malware, I used a Surface RT every day as my main device since its release, never had any issues malware. Office is the only legacy application I need.


This comes with the dock and MS office pre-installed.Also for the same price tag here you can check out the toshiba encore (no dock included but you do get office).It is almost identical to the T100.The only difference is the resolution 1280×800 and an extra 8mp rear camera.

Kevin C. Tofel

Actually, it does come with Office. This is from the official Asus press release:

“Transformer Book T100 features Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 with full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, the perfect productivity solution for both school and work.”

Conor Rose

This all sounds great, was looking for a reasonably cheap device for studying away from home and if this does run 8.1 and has MS Office it’ll be close to perfect… can’t wait for more details :D

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