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RSS app Reeder is finally back on iPad, and updated for iPhone too

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Before Google Reader’s demise, Reeder was my — and a lot of other people’s — go-to RSS app for iOS and Mac. When Google Reader died, Reeder took a break. Developer Silvio Rizzi made the app free temporarily and promised it would integrate with Feedly feeds, but for the last couple of months Reeder has only worked on iPhone.

Now it’s updated for iOS 7 and back on iPad too: Reeder 2 for iOS is in the App Store (s AAPL) now, and is $4.99 for iPad and iPhone. It syncs with RSS services Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, Fever and Readability. One of Reeder’s best features is the ease of sending content to services like Pocket and Evernote. I also just vastly prefer its design to Feedly’s iOS apps.

One annoying thing: Even if you’ve paid for Reeder in the past, you’ll have to pay up again for this version. It’s a new app, not an update. Twitter reaction seemed roughly split between people who are just happy to be using Reeder again and those who are mad that they had to pay for it twice. Count me in the annoyed-but-willing camp: I really missed Reeder on iPad.

Developer Rizzi is still working on Reeder for Mac desktop, so stay tuned for that.

7 Responses to “RSS app Reeder is finally back on iPad, and updated for iPhone too”

  1. What is it with you guys complaining about paying for software applications? I’m reading this article on the new app and I’m happy to pay the price of the new features and design of the app no matter who was responsible for it breaking in the first place! For the love of God support these developers or else they’ll just pack it in and clear off somewhere else they can get money. Go without a beer and a packet of peanuts tonight and support the community!

  2. The developer was nice enough to re-build his app from the ground up for an issue that wasn’t his fault in the first place. On top of that, the app is now Universal and iOS 7 ready. If you ask me, $5 is really not that much to pay in order to support him.

    And he will definitely not be the only one doing this. The devs of Clear app will do the same, as well as many other.

    If anything, you should blame either Google for killing its feed reader or Apple for not allowing upgrade pricing.