That’s a lot of people assembling Moto X phones!


The Verge went to the factory in Texas where the Moto X phones are made, and the photo of the workers at their stations stunned me. I’ve visited the factory floors where computers, servers, electronic toys and even semiconductors are made, and this one had the most people doing jobs by hand that I have ever seen. I had no idea assembling a phone was so people-intensive.



Pure PR spin – it is virtually impossible to scale rapidly changing handset designs on a scale of manufacturing 10’s of millions of devices to be made by manufacturing in the US. This is a niche product which is the only reason they are able to do it – they don’t need to scale rapidly. 100,000 a week is laughable for this market – that’s just a little over 5M a year. What a blockbuster! Apple will do more than that the first weekend!


2,500 employees x 40 hours a week (presumably) = 100,000 hours.

100,000 phones a week.

So each phone takes one hour of time to assemble? And yes, I know some of the 2,500 are support–it just seems like they should be able to pump out more product.

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