New Google Chromebooks announced with Intel Haswell chips


In conjunction with the Intel(s intc) Developer Forum keynote on Wednesday, Intel spotlighted several new Chromebooks. The devices run on Intel’s latest chip architecture, known as Haswell, which promise up to twice the battery life and better performance than the prior generation of chips.

2013 Chromebooks

In a blog post, Google says “Over the coming months, you’ll see new Chromebooks from multiple device manufacturers. These include newly designed Chromebooks from HP and Acer, as well as new entrants ASUS and Toshiba.” We had heard rumor that Asus and Toshiba would be getting into Chromebooks as a way to offset lagging Windows(s msft) PC sales and now we know the rumors were true. This brings the count of hardware makers to 6 in the Chrome OS space.

We’ve noted on the GigaOM Chrome Show podcast for months — most recently right here — that there’s really no middle ground when it comes to Chromebooks. Most of the devices are priced in the $199 to $300 range and after that is the Chromebook Pixel, which starts at $1,299. Hopefully prices for the new devices fall somewhere in between and offer a better balance between the three P’s: Performance, power and price.

No specific details were announced on pricing or availability but that information should be coming soon as the holiday season is right around the corner.



The Asus is a Chromebox and that means their Chromebook will use ARM , or maybe AMD.
That was the most interesting piece of info from all this.


AMD apparently. Samsung has said nothing, so they may be looking to refresh their Chromebook early next year with a faster Octocore ARM processor presumably.


please some bigger chromebooks, some people like large laptops including many who could do well with the lesser amount of complexity of a chromeOS device versus windows or mac.

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