The “C” in iPhone 5C doesn’t stand for cheap: $733 in China


Credit: Apple

It looks like the new iPhone 5C(s aapl) announced today isn’t quite the low-cost iPhone for overseas markets such as China and other countries. The Tech In Asia blog hit Apple’s online store in China and found the price to be 4488 RMB, which works out to US $733.

At this point, it’s fairly obvious that while Apple is making inroads with carriers in China, it’s not willing to accept less for its product. The iPhone 5C effectively replaces the current iPhone 5 while adding a few incremental updates and the new plastic casing available in a half-dozen colors.



yah… !! its really dissapointing…. I dont know what was theme behind the the Iphone5C… because its the first that they used a plastic materials on their smart phones suggesting cheaper parts…. and yet… the price is this high??? they should re-think their marketing strategy on the iphone C because if their target is the Chinese market.. for sure it will not be what they are expecting…. because chinese are very practical people….. They will just settle for used Iphone 4 or 4s( which is really a very cheap here) than the Iphone5C coz practically everything is the same, well except for the plastic and IOs7 which no one cared coz its the functionality of IOs7 is already been done in android… so… Its really a lose- lose for the iphone 5c..


Obvious that Apple unwilling to accept less, blah, blah. Never sat in on a product rollout planning meeting, eh?

Never enter a market at your median price, Kevin. They will be as flexible as they need to be.


“The “C” in iPhone 5C doesn’t stand for cheap: $733 in China”

Obvious headline is obvious. Can someone please explain to the Internet that the ‘C’ does, and always did stand for ‘colour/color’?


i think a lot of people are disappointed in the price of the 5C. personally i would have preferred a continuation of the old way. i would prefer to get a glass/metal iphone 5 for a $100 less than the new model than the same inner parts in a cheapish looking plastic housing.

i was expecting a new era of high value pricing($300 – $400 for the 5C) from apple instead they are actually delivering less value by discontinuing the old model instead of offering a discount on existing hardware.

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