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Film recommendation site Movievisor has some ideas for your next movie night

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Don’t trust Netflix’s (s NFLX) movie recommendations? Or maybe you’re looking for something that’s not in Netflix’s catalog? Then you might want to give Movievisor a shot.

The movie recommendation site, which was built by the team behind the TV recommendation site Televisor, suggests films to watch based on similarity: Just search for Inception, and Movievisor is going to suggest you should watch The Truman Show or The Machinist, complete with links to sites that stream these titles.

Movievisor uses viewer ratings coming from various websites to recommend titles that have fans in common. This seems to work reasonably well in many cases, but sometimes it just falls short. I really don’t know what The King’s Speech has to do with End of Watch, for example. However, the site also learns from your searches to customize results, so movie night can only get better.

5 Responses to “Film recommendation site Movievisor has some ideas for your next movie night”

  1. justina-austin

    if i were to give a movie idea it would be about aguy and his non-blood little sister(who arent blood related) If i had to pick a celebrity for the job i would choose Channing Tatum becasue he would be very suitable for the role but the rest of the story goes even though they are not relatated they are stil very close. One day a woman along with blonde hair big brown eyes and a (dumb cute blonde look) shows up and changes the the big brothers whole world to the point where he even forgets he has a sister like housemate living with him. the sister becomes jealous of the two and starts to try and mess up the relationship. The blonde becomes furious at her and she changes her whole personality to where she has this evil midwitch side looking down on eeryone

  2. You can only search for things you know about – Which makes searching for new content impossible. So it has to be discovered by someone in the beginning…and that is done by Marketing. You do not watch the same things over and over again (no you don’t) – Films and TV Shows are not like music – This is a technology searching for a home.

    • I think you’ve missed the point? You tell it something you know, and it suggests movies you might not have seen that are similar to something you’ve seen.

      eg it’d be like asking a friend: “Whats a movie you’d recommend me to watch, something like lord of the rings?”