Watch this: Funny Moto X ads suggest all other smartphones are lazy

Highlighting three unique Moto X features, Motorola has a new series of video ads debuting on Monday. The spots are actually quite comical and hit a key point of the phone’s potential appeal: smart use of sensors and software that make it easier to use the handset. Each of the videos have an actor portraying a non-Moto X smartphone and simply put: He’s lazy!

Here are all three videos, each spotlighting a different feature: Touchless controls, active notifications and quick capture images.

Motorola was rumored to spend up to $500 million promoting the Moto X and, if it continues to fund ads like these, it will be money well spent. The spots focus precisely on what makes the handset stand out from the crowded smartphone market, and do so in an very entertaining way that’s likely to make the videos go viral.

Motorola’s feature advantage could be short-lived, however. The newest Qualcomm(s qcom) Snapdragon 800 chip, for example, has “always listening” capabilities that other handset makers could tap into in the near future. I won’t be surprised to see Sony(s sne), LG, Samsung, HTC and others tap into that functionality with their own version of touchless controls.