Android tablet version of Twitter finally in the works. Here’s an early build.


Twitter is working on a tablet-friendly version of its app for Android(s goog) slates based on an early build found at the IFA show in Berlin. This past weekend, Derek Ross noted the software update he found at German blog and showed off a few screenshots after installing it on his 2013 Nexus 7 tablet.

Twitter Android tablets

You can see that instead of wasted space this version shows additional data such as tweeted pictures or suggestions on who to follow.

If you want to give the software a test drive, the .apk installation file is here, and you’ll need to make sure your Android tablet is set to install apps from outside the Google Play store. Doing so is done at your own risk, of course. Some enthusiasts who have installed this version of Twitter over the current version had to clear the app’s cache to get it working.

Those who would rather wait for an official version should take heart: It looks likely that Twitter for your Android tablet will be here sooner rather than later.


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