LG G2 pre-orders starting at Sprint October 11


Credit: Alex Colon

And Sprint(s s) makes four. Sprint on Monday was the last of the four major U.S. carriers to announce availability for the upcoming LG G2 smartphone. Pre-orders for the phone will start on October 11 for $199.99 with a two-year contract, and the phone will arrive “in time for the holidays.”

This is unlike AT&T(s t), T-mobile(s tmus) and Verizons(s vz)(s vod), all of which are shipping the phone later this month. Sprint is hoping to assuage buyers by offering a free Quick Window case when you pre-order the phone, which otherwise sells for $50. Verizon, meanwhile, is the only carrier to offer the phone with exclusive wireless charging capabilities.


Ryan Barber

What does “in time for the holidays” mean exactly? The end of November? I hope they don’t really think that the free case is what is going to keep customers happy with their wait. Disappointed in you Sprint!


I think the other carriers are being given a three month opportunity to sell the LG G2 before Sprint starts selling it. And they are all going to start selling it later this month. So when Sprint says “in time for the holidays”, I think they mean JUST before Christmas. If it was going on sale in November, wouldn’t they have said so?

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