Android, iPhone and BlackBerry all fall prey to NSA, report says


Germany’s Der Spiegel reports that the U.S. National Security Agency can access user data such as contacts lists, SMS traffic and location from the leading phone platforms and — embarrassingly given its security reputation — email from BlackBerry(s bbry). This latest Snowden revelation begs the question: is any mobile OS safe?



This begs the question ? is any member of our gov’t as a citizen safe ? my answer is yes.@gov’t that protects our country.
slayerwulfe cave


I hope you are being sarcasm.. if you will not trust a stranger with your house key, why will you trust a faceless entities which has repeatably breach the law it set (and will jail you if you breach it), lies about it, and can forcefully send you to jail without trial? If you still trust in those in power, go google J.Edna Hoover, see what he has done.. wake up!

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