Planning to buy a Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Gear? Watch this video first


Now that Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch, some carriers are announcing details on pricing and availability. Neither of these devices are what I’d call inexpensive and at launch, the Note 3 is the only phone that will work with Samsung’s smartwatch. So before dropping some big bucks on these, this 18-minute video is probably worth your time: It shows off most of the main features of both devices:

Clearly, any video from Samsung showing off its phone and smartwatch will put both in the best possible light. Case in point: It touts (twice!) how you can place a call from your watch without touching the screen, but you can see that you have to press a button on the side of the Galaxy Gear to initiate the S-Voice feature to make this happen.

Still, both the phone and watch are filled with features and a lengthy demo video is a good way to see exactly what you’re getting. Or what you’re not, depending on your point of view; It’s not real leather you get on the back of that phone, for example. The demo also highlights something I pointed out earlier this week: The Galaxy Note 3 may be a nice piece of hardware, but the S-Pen and its pen-specific software may be the star of this show.

Galaxy Note 3 pen



So not true u don’t have to push a button for s voice to come on if u know how to work the note 3 all u have to do is go into the settings on s voice n u can wake up the note by talking

Robert B

Why is every review sites biggest complaint about this watch that you have to press a button to use voice commands? Oh god forbid, you have to press a button? lol Lazy ass people… I think i would prefer that button so people dont run up and yell at my hand to mess with me. Anyway this seems awesome I was about to buy a note 2 and now i saw this available on verizon for pre order….definitely want to be the first with a galaxy watch before apple releases a crappy iwatch or something. Also wish samsung had plans for glasses like Google Glass, that seems really awesome too


2. “just like so” , “just like so”
3. Another cool feature…
6. Useless features.
7. Ugly keyboard in NOTE


why are you soooooo upset? lol
you even complained about the lady’s pale body???!!! who cares, its a video about a gadget and not tanning! idiot!

Kevin Krewell

As far as I can tell, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is not water resistant (although I haven’t watched the video). This could be a deal killer (and Gear killer) for some people.

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