Mapping Silicon Valley’s gentrification problem through corporate shuttle routes


Every day, Silicon Valley’s elite tech companies send buses into San Francisco to pick up and drop off their young, wealthy employees. It’s a familiar story and a symbol of controversial gentrification in the city. But where do the buses actually go, and what does that mean? A design company mapped it out with unexpected results.


Nikohl Vandel

ok, so let me get this right … carpooling is ok from the suburbs to the city but not the other way around? the issue of inequity has nothing to do with corporate efficiency. it has to do with society’s moral compass. work on the compass, but carpooling should never be dissed.

Peter Mullen

I’m sure Ed Lee is licking his chops at the opportunity for a rather large tax on said activity.

Om Malik

Ed Lee does whatever tech people tell him to do. Jump, and he says how many I tweets do I get if I do that. Bah!

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