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At a night of high-tech fashion, a designer reveals a 3D printable dress

Visit the Thingiverse today and you’ll find a new addition: a freely available, high-fashion dress ready to be 3D printed.

Francis Bitonti 3D printed dress

Designer Francis Bitonti created the dress with the help of students in a fashion workshop at the Pratt Institute in New York City. It took around 400 hours spread across two printers to print the dress. It’s made with MakerBot’s new flexible filament, which will be available soon to use to print 3D objects.

Bitonti revealed the dress Thursday at Autodesk’s Design Night–a monthly design event in downtown San Francisco. Just after his presentation, San Francisco designers showcased fashion creations that utilize 3D printing and electronics.

Telephone wires form funky shapes. Photo by Signe Brewster
Telephone wires form funky shapes to create a top. Photo by Signe Brewster

Check out the rest of the outfits from the show in the slideshow.