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This Asus Transformer is both an Android tablet and a Windows PC

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Although a smartwatch and a pair of lens cameras have been the talk of IFA in Berlin, Microsoft(s msft) wanted to remind everyone that new Windows computers are also being introduced. The most interesting one to me, however, is one that Microsoft omitted: The new Asus Transformer Book Trio. Why did Microsoft neglect to mention it? Perhaps because it’s both a Windows PC and an Android(s goog) tablet.

asus transformer trio

I like this double-duty approach for a few reasons but mainly because it supports several actual uses. It’s like getting three different devices for the price of one. Unfortunately, Asus hasn’t shared the price just yet.

It looks like a standard Asus Transformer device, which is a touchscreen tablet that can dock into a keyboard. Hidden inside the dock, however, is an Intel(s intc) Haswell chip that powers Windows 8. Asus calls the dock a “PC Station” because you can connect it to an external monitor for running Windows. Or you can simply dock the 11.6-inch tablet to use for your Windows monitor, making the device look like a Windows laptop.

In the display is an Intel Atom chip, which can run Android 4.2. Effectively, this overall device is actually comprised of two computers then. When the display is docked, you have your choice of Windows or Android. Undock the tablet and you have Android only, but that also allows a second person to use Windows on the PC Station. Or if you’re a big-time multitasker, you could use the Android tablet and Windows through the dock and external monitor at the same time.

asus transformer book trio

Both parts, the keyboard dock and the tablet have separate batteries, so they’re both truly mobile devices. Asus says the Transformer Trio will run for 13 hours in Android mode or 5 hours running Windows. Each part has its own wireless radios as well: 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 in the PC Station and 802.11n Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth 3.0 in the tablet.

Again, I like the concept: You get a touchscreen for two different operating systems and you can switch between platforms at the touch of button.

10 Responses to “This Asus Transformer is both an Android tablet and a Windows PC”

  1. Samuel Mackenzie

    I like this Idea, and I applaud ASUS for trying something new, and not ditching android for Windows RT. Im writing this in a TF300T, which I bought about 6 weeks ago for $350 AUD, And my friends can’t believe the functionality you can achieve with it. Full sized USB port, powerful enough to run a 2,5″ Hard Drive, Micro HDMI, Micro SD slot, Full Sized SD, Great for camers’s, Extra Battery in the dock, which also hosts an actual keyboard. You can achieve these things with Samsung or Apple, but only after you purchase the respective adapters, not out the box. And to cap it off, it is powered by a tegra 3 quad core. And to think thaat this model came out over a year ago.

    So as far as an all in one travel device goes, you cannot go past asus. I can take photos with a real camera, and view them 5 minutess later in a local cafe, and upload them to facebook. I can then store all of those photos on an external hard drive, wipe the SD, and start all over again. I can type at a great rate without the annoyance of autocorrect, or loosing half of my screen. I can do all this for 2 days, before I need to charge up again.

    I will part with this thought. Their are those theat know technology, and their are those that buy apple.

    I have to pay respect to Steve Jobs. He was a great Salesman. He could Extend the life of an inferior product range, simply by offering it in a range of colours.

    I believe that in the coming years more and more people will wake up to the greater variety, and openness of the android world, and apples market share will drop signifigantly. They will not completely drop off the maps though. They will still have a loyal following, much the same way scientology does.

  2. lol what a tragedy, haswell for android LOOOL there are NO APPS that use that kind of power!!! Wait! It gets better -you can’t use windows on a detatched tablet lol tragedy has a new synonym – dual os transformer tab! You really could make this better.