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Google Apps partner Cloud Sherpas buys into UK market

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Cloud Sherpas prides itself on its Google(s goog) Apps business and now it’s extended its reach in the U.K. by buying Stoneburn Software Services, a London-based technology consulting and services firm.

Late last year, Atlanta-based Cloud Sherpas netted $40 million in Series B funding to accelerate its Google Apps and business. It also bought Cloud Trigger, a San Diego-based implementation partner to gain a bigger West Coast foothold. That acquisition brought total headcount to 350.

Terms of new buy were not disclosed but with Stoneburn aboard Cloud Sherpas has 70 employees in the U.K.

In a statement, Cloud Sherpa CEO David Northington said: “The UK and Western European cloud and Google Enterprise markets have very quickly transitioned from early adopter phase to established businesses.”

That might surprise folks who expect that PRISM-irked Europeans will hold off buying IT and services from U.S.-based cloud companies, like Google and crm),a topic we’ll discuss in depth at Structure:Europe in London September 18-19.

2 Responses to “Google Apps partner Cloud Sherpas buys into UK market”

  1. Grab Boyd

    WHY does the media keep pretending that “cloud” is the problem ? Why do they ignore the fact that microsoft is also complicit in the PRISM fiasco and that most businesses run ms windows and ms office on their desktop and that these can implicitly be assumed to be complicit in the same manner ?

    Microsoft has been handing over data even more willingly than other named companies and back doors into their software has been alleged for well over a decade now.

  2. farrellclan

    Posturing Politicians Pretend to be irked. Their Ponderous Pleadings of Ignorance of Prism are Preposterous. Inability to have a technically competent staff that explains things to them is their fault, not Google’s.