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We post nothing about our daughter online

This post from Slate is spot on, in my humble opinion. It might be overkill, but I can say the same about my own posting habits, and did last year. (I can’t say the same about my wife, though …) There are plenty of reasons to not want a digital profile you didn’t ask for, and advances in behavioral analysis and facial recognition are only making them worse.

One Response to “We post nothing about our daughter online”

  1. Would you please talk to my relatives? They post naked kid photos, their address, their kids’ birthdays, etc., to Facebook. I can’t convince them. Maybe you can.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter, though. Maybe our kids will go to kindergartens with RFID tags around their necks. I see nursery school teachers spending half of class time taking photos of the kids for use in newsletters, their website, fundraising pitches. Doesn’t matter if parents won’t sign the release forms – the world will know where Bobby X. is every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 11 am. And by the time they’re old enough for email or Facebook the NSA will be turning over their communications to local sheriffs and school boards, or selling the data to Procter and Gamble. Fuck it – let’s name the next ones Twitter and Pinterest. Let it roll, let it roll.

    Or learn Xhosa and disappear for a while.