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Apple confirms September 10 iPhone event

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Apple(s aapl) has just confirmed that it will be holding its next major event on September 10. If you’ve been following the news over the last month or so, this should come as no surprise. Cupertino is widely expected to announce the iPhone 5S as well as a lower-cost model, the iPhone 5C.

Apple’s invite simply says “This should brighten everyone’s day.” This is likely a thinly veiled reference to the iPhone 5C, which is expected to come in a plastic housing in a variety of colors.

Apple Sept 10 event

As for the rest, we already have a pretty good idea of what’s in store. The iPhone 5S is likely to feature an upgraded A7 processor as well as a dual-flash camera with f/2.0 aperture. It may also have a fingerprint sensor underneath the home button as well as a 128GB storage option, and could come in new gray and gold color options.

The iPhone 5C, meanwhile, is likely a colorful, budget-minded alternative to the iPhone 5S, and will be Apple’s first attempt to address the midrange smartphone market. It is likely to replace the iPhone 5. Of course, both devices will be running Apple’s new iOS 7, which is also likely to see an official release on September 10.

The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C are both expected to become available on September 20. Apple is reportedly working on a new iPad as well as a new iPad mini, but neither of those devices are expected to make an appearance next week. We’ll be reporting live from Cupertino, so we’ll know soon enough. And don’t be surprised if more leaks and rumors surface before Apple makes things official next week.

2 Responses to “Apple confirms September 10 iPhone event”

  1. While I tend to agree with what Tim writes, you can’t help but admire how slick and predictable the whole process is. Apple as the “closed” ecosystem is leap years ahead of Android the apparently “open” ecosystem in getting its message out there via others with very little critical comment rising to the surface.

  2. Tim Acheson

    Announcing a few more slightly different ways to repackage iOS. Hardly big news. The most exciting “leaks” (aka official PR campaigns) have been about the colour — seriously.

    But it’s all dressed-up in the customary hype, fantasy and fiction, and the loyal embedded reporters on every tech website are lapping it up and playing their part.

    Charles Arthur, the [notorious Apple-fanboy anti-Microsoft post-PC nut] tech editor at the world’s most popular newspaper website, is almost hysterical with excitement. In a way I admire his enthusiasm.