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Norway getting hooked up with Tesla Superchargers

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Practically everyone in Norway  — or at least 90 percent of them — will be within 200 miles of one of Tesla’s six or so Superchargers, the company’s said it’s been building out across the country. The 200-mile range is important because that puts most of the country’s inhabitants within driving range using one of Tesla’s Model S electric cars (so that’s the amount of miles that can be covered on a single charge of the battery) and a Tesla Supercharger.

Norway is a flagship market for Tesla’s European expansion plans this Summer. Earlier this month the company delivered its first cars to European owners in Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands, and sent the first car in Europe to an owner in Oslo. Tesla said in the second quarter it made “several hundred” Model S cars for service loaners, customer test drives and deliveries to customers in Europe, and in 2013 Tesla plans to deliver 800 cars alone to Norwegian customers.

Tesla OsloEurope could end up being a substantial market for Tesla. CEO Elon Musk has said conservatively he expects to sell at least half as many Model S cars in Europe as in North America, and there could end up being as many sales in Europe as North America.

In the coming weeks Tesla plans to open new stores in Brussels, London and Amsterdam. I’ve been trying to stake out exactly where the London store will be, and rumors are it’s in one of the Westfield Malls. I’ve been to the Westfield Mall in Stratford and it seems like a good fit for a Tesla flagship London store.

Tesla has mapped out the address and locations of the six Superchargers in Norway here, if you want to drive to them and use them. Four have been available for some time, and two more will open today.

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